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Pre-Owned Instruments

Professional Level Pre-Owned Oboes

Brand          Model                 Price        Information

Loree          Tabuteau           $3300       Serial #CDxx (made around 1970). New Protec case.

Loree          AK                       $4800       Serial #NUxx (early 2000’s). Loree case and cover.

Loree          Royal                  $4950       Serial OSxx (around 2003). Loree case. Well-maintained!

Loree          Royal                   $5150       Serial #RCxx (around 2007). Loree case and cover.

Loree          AK                       $6800       Serial #THxx (around 2014). Loree case and cover. Gorgeous!

Custom Duet                         $6850       Serial #88xx Yamaha 841-LT (2016) Excellent condition!

Please note: a discount of 3% is available for pre-owned instruments purchased with cash or check.