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Oboe Online

Private Lessons Online!

Welcome to OboeOnline! Have you ever had a hard time finding a private teacher for yourself or your budding musician? It can be difficult to find someone who specializes in the oboe, plays the oboe at a high level, and has openings in their schedule for regular students! Double or Nothing believes that distance and time should not hinder an aspiring musician’s ability to receive high quality, private instruction, so we would like to welcome you to our newest educational endeavor, OboeOnline!

Double or Nothing Reeds was founded by double reed players in search of ways to better serve their students. The partners of DNR are committed to excellence in service as well as facilitating and enhancing educational opportunities. We are now offering an online private lesson program for playing and reed-making with founding partner, Julie Grasso! Julie is a well-rounded performer and teacher with openings for online lessons! Julie’s full bio is available to view on our About Us page.

Tuition for OboeOnline is per lesson, and the Tuition rates are listed below:
30 minutes – $25.00
45 minutes – $35.00
60 minutes – $45.00

Please contact us to find out more about OboeOnline or to enroll in the program!