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Do you ever panic that your reeds or cane will not arrive in time? Join our DNRewards program and have your reeds and/or cane orders delivered automatically each month PLUS pay no shipping.

Sign up for DNRewards, and we will set up an AUTOMATIC ship date for your order! Whether you need reeds or cane, we can set up a recurring order for you. As an added bonus, customers who opt to set-up their recurring order with recurring credit card payments will receive a FREE REED during their birthday month.

We ask for certain minimum orders to qualify for DNRewards. DNRewards members just need to meet one of the minimum orders listed below:

  • Two Reeds
  • 20 Pieces Gouged or Shaped Cane

The options above are just a minimum order. You can ADD items to them to suit your needs. Add English horn reeds, add staples, or COMBINE a monthly order of multiple items as long as they meet one of the three criteria above!

DNRewards is a special opportunity for us to serve our customers better and meet their needs more efficiently. Save yourself the cost of shipping as well as the hassle and worry of time sensitive orders. Let us deliver reeds to your door at the same time EVERY month! Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas to customize your order to suit your needs!  Please note: this service is only available for orders within the United States.

Imagine NEVER worrying when your reeds or cane will arrive and NEVER having to pay for shipping! Fill out the form below to enroll in DNRewards today!