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Trial Policy for Instruments

Thank you for your interest in New or consignment instruments from Double or Nothing Reeds! DNR is a boutique shop for student, amateur and professional oboists and keeps a variety of new and used instruments appropriate for all ages and skill levels. DNR’s instruments are available for a 7 day trial period from the date of receipt (plus 2 days for return shipping). Customers may request up to and as many as two oboe/English horns during one trial period.

DNR does not require a down payment or deposit to initiate a trial period, but a credit card number is required to charge shipping, insurance, and for security during the trial period. Double or Nothing Reeds will charge initial shipping and insurance fees to your credit card. If the instrument on trial is not purchased and is not returned on time, the credit card number provided will be charged for the full amount of the instrument.

If an instrument is purchased, DNR will cover the return shipping charges for the other instrument. If no purchase is made, the customer will be responsible for all return shipping and insurance coverage for the full value of the instruments being returned. Any instruments not purchased should be shipped back to DNR’s shop by the seventh day. Any time a trial instrument is subject to shipping by the customer, DNR requires:

  • Shipment of any instruments not purchased via Next Day or 2nd Day services with the United States Postal Service
  • Purchase of insurance to cover the full value of the instrument(s) to be returned
  • Tracking information submitted to DNR for confirmation

During the trial period the customer accepts full responsibility for loss or damage. After the trial period the instrument must be returned or purchased and paid for in full. Make sure that you schedule your trial period at a time when you can get feedback from friends and colleagues. Once an instrument has been purchased, the sale is final and the instrument is not returnable.

Customers are responsible for all instruments including accessories sent on trial. If DNR does not hear from the customer at the end of the trial period or if there is any failure to return trial instruments, DNR will charge the held credit card number for the full value of the instrument. All accessories included with any instrument must be returned unused; any missing or damaged accessories will be charged to their credit card. Returned trial instruments must be returned in the same condition as they were received, and all instruments will be inspected upon their return.

Please contact us if you are interested in trying an instrument!

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