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Finished Reeds

Double or Nothing Reeds is now offering four (4) lines of finished oboe reeds. All reeds are professionally hand finished and crow a “C”.

  • Sullivan Pro – These reeds are the pick of the litter and are reeds similar to those Mr. Sullivan would use in performance.
  • Sullivan – handmade reeds by James Sullivan (Principal Oboist of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra). These reeds are flexible yet stable and have excellent response. The moderate resistance allows the embouchure to open for resonance and a rich, dark tone.
  • Encore – these reeds have a full sound with a bit of resistance while allowing easy articulation.
  • Student – these reeds will generally be made on a synthetic cork staple and are suitable for beginners.

Virtuoso reeds have been discontinued.

We also offer two (2) lines of professionally handmade English horn reeds.

  • deLuna Pro – Russ deLuna, Solo English Horn of San Francisco, hand makes these incredible reeds to fully match the standards of the reeds in his own reed box!  You will enjoy more tone and projection with just a bit more to blow against.
  • Standard EH – these English horn reeds are professionally made and have a beautiful tone.