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Pre-Owned Instruments & Items

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Intermediate Level/Older Professional Level Pre-Owned Oboes

Brand          Model                 Price        Information

Fox               300                     $2750      Built in the 80’s

Yamaha      441M(duet)      $3300   Nice condition (about 4 years old)

Professional Level Pre-Owned Oboes 

Brand          Model                 Price        Information

Loree           Regular             $4200     Serial #PBxx (2004) Great shape

Loree          AK                       $4800       Serial #NUxx (early 2000’s). Loree case and cover.

Loree          Royal                   $5150       Serial #RCxx (around 2007). Loree case and cover.

Loree          AK                         $6800       Serial #THxx (around 2014). Loree case and cover. Gorgeous!

English Horn

Brand          Model                 Price        Information

Noblet                                      $2700      Older instrument with double case

Gordet      German              $3925       Recently overhauled

Other Items

Bonna                                   Double Oboe Case                                        $350

Wicked Edge                    Base + 1200/1600 Ceramic Paddles, 400/600 and 800/1000 Diamond Paddles, Extra and Ultra-fine leather strops                                                                                                    $250

Large collection of music & books  Email for list and pricing

“Lot” of 8 spools of FF thread (most are nearly full)                       $30

Reed Making Kit (includes pouch) email for info                             $125





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A Rush Order Fee of $25 is available for up to three (3) reeds. This will place your order at the front of our queue with reeds shipped within three (3) business days.

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