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Pre-Owned Instruments & Items

PLEASE NOTE, THAT ALL CONSIGNMENT SALES ARE FINAL. (Prices are listed for cash or check payment if using a credit card or PayPal, 4% will be added to the price.
If you would like for Double or Nothing Reeds to sell your instrument, please contact us at Contact@DNReeds.com

INTERMEDIATE PRE-OWNED OBOES                                           

Brand          Model                 Price 

No intermediate oboes available at this time.                                                               

PROFESSIONAL PRE-OWNED OBOES                                             Brand          Model                   Price                     

Yamaha       811                          $3900           Older, but new condition!

Loree          Royal                       $6500.00      Built 2014   Small crack professionally repaired

Bulgheroni  Musa                    $4000.00    Built 2011 Very nice

Loree             AK                          $4900.00     Built 2001

Loree             Regular Bore      $4200.00    Built in the mid-1980s, newly refurbished, and in good condition.

Bulgheroni Opera                     $5500.00  Built in 2012  Crack professionally repaired

ENGLISH HORN                                                                                                       

Brand          Model                 Price      

None at this time, please check back soon!

Other Items

Blayman Stand 5 x 8 base with two oboe pegs $88.00

Loree Oboe Reed Case $44.00

Shaper Tip Handle $55.00

Diamond Sharpening Stone $44.00

Albion Reed Knife $33.00

Rosewood Cutting Block $11.00

Adjustable Thumb Rest $25.00

Standard Thumb Rest $25.00

Mandrels (qty. 2) $10.00 each