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Recommended Equipment

Recommended Equipment for the Oboe Student 

Through our website, at camp and from our private students, we are continually asked about what equipment is needed for the oboe student.  Having the proper equipment often makes the difference between whether a student continues on the oboe or quits due to frustration.  Below are our recommendations based on the level of the student.  Besides your private teacher, the two most important things to ensure the success of an oboe student at any level are a decent oboe and a good reed!


  • Oboe – in good working condition (prefer a modified conservatory system; such as Fox 330 or Nobel)
  • Handmade reeds – always have 3 in good working condition(to learn proper embouchure, breath support, pitch and tone)
  • Reed case – to hold at least 3 reeds (Reeds are delicate and expensive.  They also need to be able to dry out when put away.)
  • Swab – to clean out the oboe after each use (this will save on repair costs)
  • Cork Grease – to keep cork joints properly lubricated
  • Metronome – to learn to play properly in time
  • Music – as designated by your teacher

All of the above remain important, plus:

  • Oboe with at least a modified conservatory system; such as Fox 330 or Nobel (this will enable the student to have all the keys needed for the music at this level of playing)
  • Tuner – to learn hear proper pitch relationships
  • Reed making kit – to begin the process of making reeds (this takes several years to accomplish)

All of the above remain important, plus:

  • Oboe – the modified conservatory system oboe will also work at this level; however, it is important to consider a professional instrument at this point – depending on the intended   future of the student.  If the student plans to participate in select performing groups, attend college as a music major or minor, compete in concerto competitions, audition for other select opportunities. (Loree oboes are recommended)

Detailed information:

Handmade reeds – be sure to purchase your reeds from a professional oboist.  A quality handmade reed will help with tone, pitch, and proper development of the student’s support and embouchure.

Reed Making Kit
Needs to include:

  • Good quality, double hollow ground knife
  • Mandrel
  • Block
  • Plaque
  • Block (sometimes called billot)
  • Nylon thread (FF gauge)
  • Beeswax
  • Staples (sometimes called tubes)
  • Shaped, gouged and folded cane
  • Metric rule (6” size)
  • Sharpening stone

Other helpful things:

  • C-clamp
  • Razor blades
  • Carrying case or box

As always, we invite you to call or email us with any questions.  
You can reach us at DoubleOrNothingReedsLLC@gmail.com or 513.222.3287.