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Is Weather affecting your reeds?

Is the weather affecting your reeds? Consider keeping your reed case in a Humidor Bag (made for cigars), I prefer the medium sized bag, available at your local tobacconist shop or online. Just put a Rico Reed Vitalizer two-way humidity control pack (approx. $4-6ea.), I prefer the 58% humidity pack, in your Humidor Bag… and voila! Your reeds are now stored in a humidity consistent environment.  
By storing your reed cases inside of a Humidor Bag with a Rico Reed Vitalizer pack, you will notice that from day to day, season to season, your reeds will feel more consistent.  I notice that my reeds are not as dry and brittle straight out of the reed case in the winter, and that my reeds have properly dried in the summer.  The Reed Vitalizer pack controls the rate at which your reeds dry, which is a more gentle way for the reed to be stored between playings and prevents warping in the winter and sogginess in the summer.

You may need to replace your humidor bag (approx. $7-10ea.) every 6 months or so, depending on the condition of the bag and zip-seal.  If there are any tears or holes in your bag, or if it doesn’t seal correctly, replace it.  The Humidor Bag cannot keep a consistent humidity level if not properly sealed. 

When taking such good care of your reeds, you will notice that they last much longer than reeds susceptible to daily changes in temperature and humidity.