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Reed Making Tools

Oboe Reed Adjusting and Reed Making Tools

Prioritized List

Following is a list of oboe reed making tools in priority order.  Many companies offer reed kits; however if you are unable to purchase the entire kit, the tools should be acquired in this order.

  1. Good, quality double hollow ground knife (the most essential tool, must be high quality)
  2. Flat plaque with rounded ends
  3. Block
  4. Sharpening stone (India stone preferred)
  5. Mandrel
  6. Gouged, shaped and folded cane
  7. Staples
  8. Thread
  9. Beeswax
  10. Metric ruler
  11. C-Clamp (2”)
  12. Box or pouch to hold tools

Items 1-4 will be used for adjusting and making reeds, items 5 – 8 will be used for making reeds only.