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We Miss QCDRC!

Things we miss about Queen City Double Reed Camp:

·      Meeting 20 oboe and bassoon campers!
·      Master classes with special guests: Aryn Sweeney, John DeGruchy, Kathy DeGruchy, Lauren Piccirillo, Peggy Grant, Tyler Wilkins, Julie Fuqua, and Connie Ignatiou!
·      Reed drills and warm ups with the whole group!
·      Playing “Under the Sea” with a 24 person double reed ensemble!
·      Playing Twister in the dorms!
·      The unseasonably cool weather!
·      Taking crazy selfies for the photo scavenger hunt!
·      Staying up late playing Apples to Apples!
·      Comparing “I’m the only oboe in my …..” stories! (Insert: band, grade, school, county, state, etc.)
·      Touring Cincinnati’s historical landmarks!
·      Movie night with new friends!
·      The beautiful campus and facilities of Xavier University!
·      Breakthroughs in reed making, including “firsts” in tying, peeping, and playing student made reeds!
·      Playing competitive games with cotton balls, cookies, and oven mitts, and toilet paper!
·      Getting to see a contra bassoon live and in person!
·      Barret, Barret, and more Barret!
·      Double reed laser tag!
·      Chamber music with new friends!

Things we don’t miss about Queen City Double Reed Camp:

·      Walking to class in the rain.
·      Cleaning up after reed making classes.
·      Getting up early for 7 AM breakfast.

Hmm… Looks like the pros outweigh the cons!
Hope to see you there next year!
p.s. Some of the day campers decided to stay for Double Reed Laser Tag!