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Where SHould I Buy My Bassoon and Oboe Supplies?

When you first start playing the oboe or bassoon, you may quickly realize that there aren’t many resources readily available for your double-reed equipment. A venture to your local music store MIGHT help you find a commercially made reed, and maybe a swab or neckstrap (if you’re lucky!) So, where do all of the professionals go for their supplies???

Here’s a list (this is by no means comprehensive) of some of OUR favorite websites for oboe and bassoon supplies. Most have online catalogs for your shopping convenience. We recommend that you get on their mailing list in order to receive regular catalog mailings. In some cases, many of these businesses sponsor masterclasses and other events and will notify you as they are scheduled, making this a great educational opportunity as well!

Without further ado, here are OUR favorites:

Midwest Musical Imports: http://www.mmimports.com
Forrests Music: http://www.forrestsmusic.com
Eble Music: http://www.eble.com
TrevCo Music: http://www.trevcomusic.com
Gail Warnaar: http://www.doublereedshop.com
RDG Woodwinds: http://www.RDGwoodwinds.com
Carlos Coelho (sales and instrument repair): http://www.carlosoboe.com
Hodge Products: http://www.annhodge.com

Happy Shopping!!

Melissa, Julie and Lauren